About IBJ

Hi, I'm Jaimee, and I am the face behind Illustrations By Jaimee.

My brand has evolved so much since I started my business at the end of 2020. I have found my style, my passion has grown, and I am so happy to create designs that really represent who I am.

My designs are inspired by plants and positivity, and aim to help you love yourself and the world around you.

About the Designs

Positive affirmations and surrounding yourself with pockets of joy can make a big difference in your everyday life. I have seen massive improvements in my mental health by practicing self-love and using my own affirmation cards. Talking kindly to yourself is so important, and I want to help you love yourself, and set up each day with positive intentions. 

If I can share some joy with even one person, that is truly all I need.

The Positivity Collection

Shop in Person

I have recently started conduction market stalls in Horsham, England. Come and shop IBJ in person every month! Follow my instragram for up-to-date dates and times.